Workers’ Compensation Law

Scott Scriven attorneys represent public and private employers in workers’ compensation, Ohio violations of specific safety requirements, and intentional tort litigation.

Our workers’ compensation practice group represents public and private employers statewide in all twelve district offices of the Ohio Industrial Commission.  With three Ohio Board Certified Workers’ Compensation Specialists–Tim Cowans, Rich Goldberg, and Karla Soards–we have extensive experience defending employers through complex cases.  Based in Columbus, we have excellent and regular access to the Self-Insured Section of the Bureau to informally or formally handle any issues that might arise, such as grant of coverage, mergers, renewal of coverage, special Adjudication Committee or self-insured committees’ hearings, and to manage responses to complaints and audits.  We provide our clients with on-site training of claims specialists, executives, middle managers and front-line supervisors, with a schedule to accommodate continuous operations.

Workers' Compensation Law Attorneys